The striped skunk is native to this area, and best known for their defensive odor spray. They are easy to identify with their characteristic long black fur and bright white stripes. 



Skunks prefer woodlands and areas near open fields. However, they will live in wide variety of habitats. They tend to prefer being near cultivated areas where there will be plenty of food source available. 



Skunks burrow into the ground or find other holes to use as denning sites. Skunks will den in family groups, therefore an infestation of skunks can be very serious. They have one litter a year with anywhere from two to twelve kits per year. They consume insects as their main diet but also love to eat eggs, and occasionally vegetation. 

Skunks do not have many predators brave enough to pursue them, due to the risk of being sprayed during the attack. They will spray their defensive musk from glands on either side of their anus which gives off the nefarious odor. 



While Skunks can spray humans and pets if threatened, the biggest threat they pose is to your home. They can burrow under structures, including your home. This can cause issues to the stability of structures and leave behind an odor underneath and in the home. 


Terminix Control and Removal

Terminix offers a trapping process specifically designed for the removal of Skunks, to avoid spraying during the process. We offer exclusion services to prevent future entry. We also offer deodorization services to alleviate any odor issues.

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