Asian Cockroach

Asian Cockroach

Asian Cockroach

Attribution: Natasha Wright, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Bugwood.org [CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



Adults measure about 1/2-inch in length.


Tan brown -- looks identical to the German cockroach.


This species lives primarily outdoors and is considered a nuisance pest as it seldom breeds inside homes. It is active at night and readily flies to lights on buildings where it crawls inside. It may be seen indoors during the evening, flying toward a television or other light source. Large populations can develop near buildings, so regular invasions are common where this cockroach occurs. The Asian cockroach looks identical to the German cockroach, and it can only be distinguished if seen in flight because the German cockroach cannot fly.


The Asian cockroach was introduced into the Tampa, Fla., area sometime in the 1980s and has since spread to other areas in central and southern Florida. Unlike its close cousin, the German cockroach, this species lives outdoors in fields and along edges of wooded areas. It can be found living in and around landscaped areas, sheds, dog runs and doghouses.

Tips for Control

Because this species is a strong flier, it may be attracted to a home from neighboring fields or property. Changing exterior lighting to yellow "bug" lights can help reduce the number of cockroaches attracted to a home, as can simply keeping lights turned off. It is also important to seal as many exterior cracks as possible, and to ensure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens. Granular cockroach baits have been successful when applied to areas where this cockroach harbors outdoors. Unfortunately, sometimes the harborage is not on the affected property but on a neighboring property, so treatment without that property owner's permission is not possible.

Family Name: 
Blatella asahinai