Terminix® Referral Program

Terminix® Referral Program

Terminix® Referral Program

The Terminix® Partnership Referral Program: Get Pest Control Discounts

At Terminix®, we know that we owe much of our business to word-of-mouth recommendations from our loyal customers. Through the Partnership Referral Program, we show our thanks for your referrals with pest control discounts! These incentives are available in the form of Terminix® credits that can count towards a variety of Terminix® pest control services.

Incentives of Our Partnership Referral Program

As a Partner/Existing Customer, you will receive a credit (up to $50) for any Terminix® sale resulting from one of your leads. Your accumulated credits may be applied towards the following Terminix® services*:

Prospective Customer Partner/Existing Customer
Termite Treatment of Single Family Residences $50.00 credit $50.00 credit
Annual Pest Control Service $25.00 credit $25.00 credit
Fire Ant Control $25.00 credit $25.00 credit
Mosquito Management $25.00 credit $25.00 credit
Moisture Barriers $25.00 credit $25.00 credit
Gutters and/or Gutter Protection System (Lifetime No Clog Manufacturer Warranty) $50.00 credit $50.00 credit
Crawl Space Dehumidification and Sealing $50.00 credit $50.00 credit
Sump Pumps/French Drain Systems $50.00 credit $50.00 credit

In addition to using credits for future services, you can also apply these credits to any outstanding balances on your Terminix® account. The choice is yours!**

The process to refer a friend to Terminix® is simple! Simply visit the account login page and sign in. From there you will be able to enter and track the referrals you make in your account info. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the referral process.

*This Partnership is valid only at participating locations of Terminix®. Credits may not be redeemed for cash, but may be applied to a current bill. Terminix® is an independent business licensed to serve Eastern NC and South Eastern VA by the Terminix International Company, LP.

**The Customer may use the discount or a coupon towards a new service.