Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers

A Vapor Barrier from Terminix® Stops Hidden Moisture Damage

If you’ve got a dirt crawl space, the chances are high you’re in need of a vapor barrier from Terminix®. Excess moisture not only contributes to higher risks of bug infestations, if can cause real structural and environmental damage to your home which often stays undetected until very late stages.

Unfortunately, the better built your home, the greater the danger from excessive moisture. Since tighter joints and better insulation hold in moisture and increase condensation, the best-built and more modern homes are the most vulnerable.

Vapor Barrier Installation from Terminix® is a Fast, Effective Solution

Terminix® uses one of the leading vapor barriers in the industry. What is a vapor barrier?

  • A form of plastic sheeting that is lightweight, tough, and absolutely impervious to water and vapor.
  • The Building Research Advisory Board, after extensive studies of moisture problems, recommends these flexible types of vapor barriers without reservation.
  • Vapor barriers conform to minimum property requirements set forth in all FHA and other federal moisture control specifications.
  • Vapor barriers, when used in conjunction with the sealing of foundation vents, can reduce your energy costs. These savings will help pay for the installation.
  • When properly installed and overlapped on crawl space ground areas, vapor barriers hold water vapor at ground level.
  • Under normal conditions, a vapor barrier will last the life of your home. It is deterioration-proof, will not rot, mold, mildew, harden, crack or peel - ever!

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