Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Terminix® Rodent Control Helps You Get Rid of Rats

Rats are some of the most destructive pests on the planet, and having these vermin in your home exposes you and your family to many different types of disease, and destruction of your physical property as they nest and tunnel from room to room.

However, a Terminix® rat exterminator is just a phone call away. We’ll have a rat control expert to your home within 24 hours to evaluate your situation and help you get rid of rats—fast!

Our three-step rodent control process includes:

  1. Inspection: A rat exterminator will examine your home from top to bottom to determine entry points, nesting and breeding sites, and overall property damage.
  2. Treatment: Once you agree to our rodent control estimate and evaluation, we’ll begin to get rid of rats in your home with the most powerful methods in the industry.
  3. Protection: A Terminix® rat exterminator will take steps to ensure the rat control measures have done their job, and will follow up periodically to make sure it stays that way.

Call a Terminix® Rat Exterminator Today

To learn more about our rodent control methods to help you get rid of rats, call 1-800-BUGS-911 (800-284-7911) to schedule a free initial consultation today, or use our location finder to find your nearest office!


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