Terminix Residential Exclusion Services

Terminix Exclusion Services

Terminix Exclusion Services are an integral part of our Pest Management Program. It provides the peace of mind that rodents and pests will be physically prevented from entering the interior space of your home. Additionally, by sealing interior gaps or holes that lead into wall/cabinetry voids, rodents will be prevented from utilizing them as living space. Sealing gaps and crevices will also prevent rodents and pests such as cockroaches, rats or mice from easily traveling from one area of your home to another without being seen. Exclusion services will aid in the full control and effectiveness of your rodent and pest control program.


Residential Exclusion Services offered:

  • Door sweeps placed on garage doors where open gaps are visible
  • Seal exterior cracks in foundation walls to prevent rodent entry
  • Close all open voids around drain pipes and conduits both inside and outside of the home
  • Secure roof and attic vulnerabilities against rodent and pest entry

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