Woodchucks, commonly referred to as Groundhogs,  are a large native rodent that are related to ground squirrels. Woodchucks have short brown fur and strong limbs with large claws that are great for digging, and even climbing.  



Woodchucks prefer wood edges near open fields; especially next to agricultural areas. They dig burrows into the ground and create complex tunneling systems with multiple entrances and exits. They do not stray far from their entrances. There may be several entrances that connect in an underground network system leading to the nesting area. 



Woodchucks are known for their ability to dig tunneling systems. They have very keen senses and are quick to disappear into a tunnel if they sense a threat is nearby. If they are threatened within their burrow they are very aggressive and will defend their home from invasion. While not commonly observed, they do have the ability to climb trees and swim. They breed once a year, typically having two to six young. 



Most damage by woodchucks is caused from digging. The digging can cause damage to lawns. The digging can also compromise the stability of structures such as sheds, porches and even a foundation to a home. Also, woodchuck holes and burrows can be a falling hazard. Pests that try to enter a woodchuck burrow can be attacked and injured, as the Woodchuck is territorial and aggressive.


Terminix removal:

We will provide a thorough inspection of the property to determine where the main burrows are located.

Exclusion is a great solution if they are digging under a shed or porch to prevent future problems, especially if the property is near a wooded edge or agriculture field.

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